Byte Blanket is a startup specifically focused in the areas of e-commerce application development and management, social media application development, enterprise software development, and the related disciplines of research and consulting. We are headquartered in Dubai, with an India office in Chennai. Operations began in April 2019. Currently we are a team of 50 and expanding.

Founded and Led by Vijay Antony Alen.


CLEAR CRUNCH is an on-premise or cloud-based product which provide insights into the effective use of and the ROI from your core banking system. It is powered by a unique collaboration between our domain expertise, product knowledge and data science functions. It is our strong belief that all these three areas require to co-exist and collaborate in correct proportions to provide the most effective and actionable intelligence.

Though initially offered in the industry of financial services, CLEAR CRUNCH is an industry agnostic solution. Once the subscription is activated, our team of domain, product and data science experts engage and work with you in a collaborative fashion, to understand your goals and KPIs and configure the system to match your requirements.

The Product contains a series of visual reports and unique dashboards that give you a clear and comprehensive information of the way your products are being used against your business goals and KPIs. This is valuable, actionable information based on which you can make informed decisions and execute the necessary actions.


Research has commenced and is ongoing in the specific topics of “micro networking” and “contextual intelligence”. A solution that will be expressed over various digital mediums, cloud, mobile devices and gadgets that has the true potential to change the way social media has been rolled out till date. Expect the unexpected ?!


FinGlide is a voice-enabled mobile app that seamlessly integrates with core banking systems, enabling simple, user-friendly navigation of enquiries and results. In addition to core banking, FinGlide can easily connect to all other business-critical systems in the solution landscape through open API. FinGlide integrates with all the implemented security layers and provides easy and secure, role-based access to key information, anytime, anywhere.


Use FinGlide and interact with your core banking system. Design services for business-critical areas and execute them through voice commands. Breeze Thru Banking!


The demo app is live on Apple and Google stores.




Early stage research work being planned to understand the word “fintech disruption” more deeply. We expect that this would be future home to something cool.


The INSPECT Membership is designed to offer you a bundle of specific expert services that cover key aspects of your core banking system, in terms of System Health Check, Performance Tuning, Documentation, Expert Consultancy and Training. The Membership covers all these elements bundled as one package, offered for a Fixed Membership Fee. Furthermore, all INSPECT Members can order additional onsite or offsite bespoke services at a significantly discounted price, compared to non-members.


The INSPECT Membership is meticulously designed on a deep understanding of your customized core banking solution, combined with our extensive product and market experience. Our services are customized to cater to your needs, on a consistent and recurring model of delivery.